Pokemon Go and Safety

If you’ve come across people who are seemingly busy with their mobile phones, chances are, they are playing Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is a joint venture of Nintendo and the developer, Niantic studios. This game was 20 years in the making and it finally paid off as this mobile phone game is now the most downloaded up in the past 2 weeks.

Because of its popularity, a lot of people in select regions that the game was released are going on of their homes in search of some awesome Pokemon.

But because this game requires you to have so much focus, it is quite common for people to disregard their safety while playing this game.

So today, I am going to go over some quick safety tips to ensure that you will not only enjoy playing Pokemon Go but to also ensure your health and safety as well. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Watch where you’re going. Pokemon Go immerses you in its environment. That is because you will be constantly looking at your screens in order to search for Pokemon or Pokestops. Unfortunately, this is also the main reason why people get injured; they are so focused on looking at their mobile phone’s screen that they do not know where they’re going in real life! I know it is tempting to look at the screen ever so often in search for Pokemon but safety should remain the utmost priority. To ensure that you know where you’re headed, look at your surroundings first and walk slowly. If you’re on a busy street, it is best that you look at your vicinity until you are in the clear. Your mobile phone will vibrate if there is a nearby Pokemon anyway.

2. Don’t “Go” and drive. If walking while playing Pokemon Go is dangerous enough, wait until you see people actually driving and playing the game at the same time. This not only presents them in much more trouble but it is also risky for other people on the road as well. I know it is tempting to go to your car and search for Pokemon and Pokestops, but you just have to make sure that you set your eyes on the road. So, as much as possible, never drive while playing Pokemon Go. If you absolutely want to play while you’re in your car, have someone drive instead.

3. Be aware of your surroundings. There have been many reports that people use Pokemon Go to lure victims into Pokestops and rob them when they reach the point. Be aware of your surroundings; make sure that no one is watching you like an eagle wanting to catch its prey. It also helps to play in broad daylight to avoid getting attacked suspiciously as you can see anyone in the vicinity more clearly.

Pokemon Go is exciting and really fun game to play but always make safety an important point.

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play game made by Niantic studios and published by Nintendo. This game is available for download in the Google Playstore and the Apple app store.