R4i- Enhanced entertainment systems on handheld devices

In today’s modern world, the gaming industry is partially ruled by the revolutionary r4i cards. It is a latest version of r4 DS cards that includes several amazing features than the previous versions. Now, the r4i can greatly support the secure digital high capacity cards along with the Micro SD cards, which means it provide a huge amount of memory capacity. The limit to this r4i card is about memory space of 32 GB. However, this is good news for all the avid gamers who want to enjoy more games, songs, videos and movies too along with the excellent quality gaming experience.

In reality, the r4i card is a unique accessory that will definitely make your gaming experience more wonderful. Now, there are many clones of r4i cards available in the market, so you can make sure to purchase this card from the reputed manufacturer. This card also comes up with a plastic covering that is highly protective over the connector strips in order to reduce the chances of getting dust on the sensitive parts of the DS cards. In fact, these cards are very stable and worth buying for the beginners. The avid gamers can usually buy r4i cards from the online retailers who are specialized in selling the original r4 and r4i cards that are compatible with various types of gaming consoles.

Does the r4i card actually work?

Of course, the r4i cards are greatly working on all devices without any interruptions. Also, this card also fits in effortlessly into the Nintendo DS or DS Lite. With the arrival of this card, expanding the capacity of Nintendo handheld consoles has become very easy in these days and also accomplishes a quite number of things at the same time. When you use this card on any device, the Micro SD card can act as a mediator between your mobile or computer and r4i. However, it also brings an amazing gaming experience to all the game lovers and makes them to reach a higher level with the help of r4i cards.

The r4 cards has undergone with different changes together inside the revisions on the Nintendo DSi. The modern and high tech versions of r4i DS has exclusively used in the Nintendo DSi console than the previous versions of r4i SDHC DSi. However, this card is genuinely worked and enables you to store and view data such as images, videos, text files or sound files. Instead of using any other external gaming slots, you can simply use this r4i card a lot easier.

Main functions of r4i card

The r4i cartridge is a wonderful device that appeared as an original cart size. Some of the major functions of r4i card are given below:

It has an ability to store or memorize the previously operated game after restarting your computer.

It has 100% compatibility for all games

Supports multiple languages such as English, Italian, German, Chinese, French, Spanish and Dutch.

It is featured with sleep mode function.

It supports different types of SDHC Micro SD cards such as 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB.

It is also featured with real-time.